David The Real Estate Man

There was once a man named David Emami West Linn. He is 28 years old, working as in a company called Croft Enterprises. David is one of the top salesmen of this real estate firm. He has been giving out his all ever since has gotten into the company in the United States. He comes from a family of 2 with him being the oldest and his youngest sister studying at school. David relatively lived a normal life, but everything changed on September 8.   

This was supposed to be a normal Wednesday for David, woke up at 7 am, ate breakfast, got ready, and went straight to work. Although when he got to work, he was in for a surprise. When he pulled up in his parking space that he has been using for years now, was a man, standing in a black suit, tall, bulky man, wearing dark shades. The only thing going through David’s mind was, “is this a movie?”, “what is going to happen to me?”, “do I get out of the car?”. Out of mere curiosity, David got out of the car slowly and approached the man with as much courage as he had. To David’s relief, the man in the suit spoke first, “Mr. Emami, my name is Dwayne, and I need to talk to you about something urgent.” This was when David immediately regretted his decision of getting out of the car. Thinking to himself, “If I run now he might not catch me.” Although that was not the case as Dwayne was already clutching his arm leading him to a heavily tinted SUV.   

It was an all black SUV that was so tinted that he could see his trembling self in the reflection. Before David got to the door of the car, about ten steps away from it, Dwayne says, “Wait here, Mr. Emami.” Now, this was the real chance for David to get out and bolt but due to his curious self he stayed and waited for what was to come as he was intrigued by this interruption to his daily routine. David was a very organized man. Prim and proper was the best way to describe him which is why he was very curious about this new experience that he was about to embark on. Dwayne then appears out of the car, signaling David to come closer. David makes a nervous walk to the car, and as he approaches the door, it bursts open, and to his surprise, he sees a dog. A small dog sort of like a toy poodle but could not tell for sure.   

Then he saw the man holding it, dressed in an all gold suit. Everything about this man was gold, from his teeth to his shoes and every accessory a man could have on his body. David nervously stuck out his hand, and the man accepted the shake and introduced himself. His name was Mr. Billabong and spoke in a very deep English accent. To David’s surprise, all Mr. Billabong wanted was a quote on the best real estate available on the market as he was planning on getting a vacation house in the United States.   

After this whole conversation, it changed David’s whole career as a salesman as he sold 100 houses on that meeting alone and this experience is one that he will never forget.   

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Tips for a Stunning Living Room

For different people, living rooms serve different purposes. They serve as the main gathering area for a family is some homes. Either way, when trying to arrange the living room, there are certain issues that always come up. Well, here are some tips for a stunning living room. 

Living Room 

When arranging living room furniture, there are few important things to consider. The first thing that you must consider is whether the room is comfortable; you can add insulation. You can contact home insulation Peoria for professional services. 

It is advisable that you make the focal point of the room and arrange furniture around it. To create conversion areas, use the furniture. Without straining their necks or shouting, people should be able to comfortably talk to each other.  

You might want to create a few different conversation areas if the room is particularly large. You must never forget of the traffic flow. So they can easily get from one side of the room to another, leave enough room for people to walk around furniture.  

It is advisable that you pull furniture away from the walls. One of the biggest mistakes people make in the living room is having all the furniture backs touching the walls. It will create a more intimate setting if the pieces are closer together. There is no reason not to show them off as long as the backs of the pieces are finished. 

Sofa chairs are often big so they must suit the place. Before buying any of these pieces, the most important thing to do is measure the space. It is best if you draw up a floor plan ahead of time so that it will not be too big or too small. Using all the appropriate requirements, sketch out the room on a piece of graph paper, and determine whether it will fit. 

To define seating areas, using area rugs is a great way. You must keep in mind that all of the furniture should be able to sit comfortably on the carpet. Ensure that at least the front legs of any large upholstered pieces are on the rug if space does not allow it. 

Coffee tables are pieces commonly found in the center of conversation areas. Remember that the height should be slightly lower than the seat height of the sofa and the chairs around it. You can try using a couple of smaller tables or benches to achieve the same look if you do not want to use a coffee table. 

Even though side tables tend to be an afterthought, they are actually very important. Without having to get up and walk over to a table, everyone must be able to comfortably set down a drink. Having enough surface space without overcrowding is the key.  

It is important to think about where to place the accessories once the furniture is in place. As you do the furniture, give just as much thought to placing living room accessories. You can try using an online room planner to create an arrangement if you are unsure about what will work. 

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